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Toscana Montespertoli

Canaiolo 100%

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The Canaiolo produced by the La Gigliola di Montespertoli farm is a wine with a long tradition and unique characteristics. Its label reads: "wine is like the blood of the earth, the sun captured and transformed by such an artificial structure as the grain of grapes, an admirable laboratory in which devices, ingenuity, and powers conspired by an occult and perfect clinician operate , wine is a liqueur of the highest mastery composed of humor and light, through which virtue the ingenuity becomes illustrious and clear, the soul dilates, the spirits are comforted".

These words remind us that wine is much more than just a food or drink, it is an expression of the land it comes from and the culture that created it. The Canaiolo from the La Gigliola farm is produced with Canaiolo grapes, a native variety of Tuscany, grown with care and attention in the farm's vineyards.

The wine production process begins with the harvesting of the grapes by hand, followed by a fermentation in oak barrels which give the vino a unique aroma and flavour. Canaiolo di La Gigliola has an intense ruby red color with aromas of ripe red fruits and spicy notes. On the palate it is soft and balanced, with soft tannins and a long persistence.

This wine is perfect to combine with traditional Tuscan dishes such as grilled meat or aged cheeses. But it is also ideal to accompany an evening in the company of friends, in which the soul dilates and spirits are comforted as the label reminds us.

" Wine that the oenologist Paolo creates only in the great vintages for the #Canaiolo, here airy spicy delicate licorice olive garrigue ethereal ginger, bergamot and peach tea, a sip that stings and caresses at its entrance then disappears for an instant like the variety imposes and then resolves itself in an autumnal chiaroscuro finish. Elegance and tannin that makes itself felt for its sly tone. Splendid drink and bottle to sip even without pairing "


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De Tenuta La Gigliola

In terra toscana, in loco di Montespertoli, Tenuta La Gigliola est villa mirabile, Qui s'aspettan ospiti cortesi e soavi, Che de' loro conforti...

dic 20, 2023 571

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