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Senza Solfiti Biologico Annata 2018

limited production

"Get ready to taste the ultimate wine experience with 'Alchimia' - the limited-production gem from the esteemed La Gigliola estate. Crafted with passion and expertise by our talented winemaker, Paolo Martinelli, this wine showcases the best of Montespertoli's terroir.

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This wine is a special selection, as it is produced only in particular vintages.
The blend changes from year to year and the vinification also takes place in an always different way, always maintaining the objective of obtaining a wine of the highest quality and with a long life.
Not adding sulfur, the processing is carried out exclusively by hand and scrupulously followed throughout the period of life.

Wine has been considered a work of art since ancient times, and to this day, it remains one of the most revered beverages in the world. Tenuta La Gigliola in Tuscany has created a work of enological art with its limited production wine, Alchimia. With only 600 bottles produced, Alchimia is the culmination of the estate's high-quality wine production and the passion of winemaker Paolo Martinelli.

Located in the Tuscan countryside, Tenuta La Gigliola is in an ideal area for vine cultivation. Here, the vines enjoy a climate perfect for grape ripening, and the limestone soil enriches the wine with a unique character. Winemaker Paolo Martinelli works the grapes with care and passion, following a traditional process to produce a wine that represents the purest expression of the estate.

Alchimia is a complex and intensely aromatic red wine. It is produced using Sangiovese and Merlot grapes, handpicked and carefully selected. After harvesting, the grapes are fermented in French oak barrels for 20 days, then matured for 24 months in oak barriques.

The result is a wine with an intense ruby red color and violet highlights. The aroma is complex and intense, with notes of ripe fruit, spices, chocolate, and coffee. On the palate, Alchimia is balanced and harmonious, with a significant structure and a long, persistent finish.

Alchimia is a limited production wine, available in only 600 numbered bottles. Each bottle is a work of enological art, representing the commitment and passion of winemaker Paolo Martinelli and Tenuta La Gigliola. The 2018 vintage is currently available, and it is already considered one of the estate's best vintages.

In conclusion, Alchimia is a wine of great value, produced with passion and artisanal care. Its limited production makes it a cult object among wine enthusiasts, and its quality ensures that it lives up to expectations. If you are a wine lover and want to savor a work of enological art, Alchimia from Tenuta La Gigliola is definitely the wine for you.


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In terra toscana, in loco di Montespertoli, Tenuta La Gigliola est villa mirabile, Qui s'aspettan ospiti cortesi e soavi, Che de' loro conforti...

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